Sorgente Sgr | Treatment of Complaints

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In the event of complaints the unit-holder may contact Sorgente SGR Spa at the following address:
Via del Tritone, 132, 00187 Rome.

“Complaints” are intended as written grievances submitted by investors concerning the offer of investment services. Requests for information regarding the corresponding issue are however not considered “complaints”.

The Company has adopted an appropriate procedure to guarantee the immediate treatment of complaints presented by investors. In particular the complaints are handled by the Compliance function.

Complaints will be processed within 30 days from their receipt. The process which SGR follows for the treatment of complains calls for the participation of a number of entities to guarantee that the relevant issue raised by the complaint is adequately examined by all competent functions.

• The reply to the complaint, in written form, will be promptly sent according to the above-mentioned terms and conditions

• The Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors are informed of the aggregate state of the complaints received and processed on a half-yearly basis.

• The report generated to these administrative and control organs are forwarded to the Supervisory bodies as required by the applicable norms.


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