Sorgente Sgr | History

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  • 1999: establishment of Sorgente SGR in Rome
  • 2001: following the authorization of the Bank of Italy, establishment of the Michelangelo Fund, the first Italian closed-end real estate fund reserved for institutional investors
  • 2006: Michelangelo Fund acquires a stake in the Flatiron Building in New York
  • 2009: Donatello Fund - David Sub-fund, acquires Galleria Colonna in Rome, renamed Galleria Alberto Sordi
  • 2010: liquidation upon maturity of the Michelangelo Fund with an internal rate of return of 8.44%
  • 2012: liquidation of the Baglioni Fund with an internal rate of return of 7.69%
  • 2015: extension of operations – with the authorization of the Bank of Italy - for the management of funds investing in credits
  • 2016: launch of the first fund specialized in Non-Performing Loans (NPL), Pinturicchio Fund
  • 2001-2016: launch of 24 real estate funds, 3 of which liquidated and 1 merged
  • 2017: launch of the first fund of social responsibility, Sant'Alessio Fund (Ipab)


Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone n, 132– 00187 ROME – Ph. (+39) 06.5833.2919/Fax (+39) 06.9029.2693
Web site:  - e-mail address:
R.E.A. 935010 – VAT Code IT 05868181008 – SGR Register  n° 30
Issued and fully paid-up share capital: Euro 4.500.000
Company subject to management and coordination activity by Sorgente Group S.p.A.