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Sorgente Sgr objectives:

  • Follow an investment strategy based on essential aspects such as the selection of investments with a stable and long-term yield;  furthermore, follow a strategy with contained levels of risks in order to guarantee our investors a proper profile risk – yield with a medium-long term perspective anchored to the actual economy
  • Guarantee transparency, linearity of the investment vehicles, fiscal efficiency and safeguard of the supervising authorities as provided for by the Regulations of  the market in question
  • Minimize risks, through a contained recourse to financial leverage
  • Constantly interact with the academic world and the development of innovative projects through the reciprocal exchange of academic skills and business know-how
  • Increase the number and quality of the investors through the implementation of new business strategies, considering the favorable circumstances of the financial market and evolutionary scenes on medium long term, which will induce institutional investors to review their investment strategies
  • Diversification of products – in addition to investments in iconic real estate – towards investments in performing and non performing loans, infrastructure and renewable energy in order to combine the typical decorrelation of the real estate investment with the opportunity to invest in the current prospective of the actual economic recovery
  • Widen our strategic business vision through the implementation of complementary operations to the current business and a major focus on our social responsibility
  • Increase our cultural business strategy through social housing projects and the development of infrastructure in partnership with public-private investors



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Issued and fully paid-up share capital: Euro 4.500.000