Sorgente Sgr | Essential Characteristics

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Initial Capital: Euro 25,000,000
Raised Capital: Euro 31,923,661
Initial unit value: Euro 500,000
Start Up date: January 10th 2013
Duration: 25 years
Investors: Fund reserved for professional investors according to the art.1, comma 1, lett. p of the Ministerial Decree n.30/2015
Subscription: The subscription to the Fund’s capital is possible, during the initial subscription or during subsequent new subscription periods, through the contribution of capital or contribution in kind (real estate assets, personal property rights and shares in real estate companies)
Depository Bank: Caceis Bank Luxembourg
Financial Auditors: KPMG
Independent Surveyor: Praxi
Property Management: Sorgente REM


Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone n, 132– 00187 ROME – Ph. (+39) 06.5833.2919/Fax (+39) 06.9029.2693
Web site:  - e-mail address:
R.E.A. 935010 – VAT Code IT 05868181008 – SGR Register  n° 30
Issued and fully paid-up share capital: Euro 4.500.000
Company subject to management and coordination activity by Sorgente Group S.p.A.