Sorgente Sgr | Essential caracteristics

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The Fund’s Patrimony: the Fund aims to collect 150 million Euros and will be able to operate once 10 million Euros has been subscribed to (total initial value).

Initial subscriptions: 13,600,00 million

Initial share value: 50,000 Euros

Operational launch date: 27 December 2016

Duration: 7 years, extendable for another 2 years maximum if participants are interested. The Fund Management could extend the Duration Term of the “Real Estate Residence Fund” (eventually already extended) for not more than 3 years, to complete the disinvestments in the portfolio and reimbursement of the shares.

Beneficiaries: the subscription to the Fund and acquisition of shares are reserved to professional qualified investors. Professional investors as in professional private clients, public clients as well as those who may be treated as professional clients pursuant to Article 6, comma 2-5 and 2- of the Consolidated Law of Finance.

Subscription: the asset of the Fund may be collected through 1 or more issues of shares and transfer in cash or goods in kind/receivable loans.

Arranger and Servicer:  Davis & Morgan Merchant Bank S.p.A.

Independent Expert: Yard S.r.l. Credit & Asset Management

Depositary Bank : Société Générale Securities Services – SGSS S.p.A.

Audit :  KPMG S.p.A.


Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone n, 132– 00187 ROME – Ph. (+39) 06.5833.2919/Fax (+39) 06.9029.2693
Web site:  - e-mail address:
R.E.A. 935010 – VAT Code IT 05868181008 – SGR Register  n° 30
Issued and fully paid-up share capital: Euro 4.500.000
Company subject to management and coordination activity by Sorgente Group S.p.A.