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The Donatello Fund is an umbrella closed-end real estate fund reserved to qualified investors. The Donatello Fund is a semi closed fund as the Management Regulations provide for the issue of units following the initial offering. The subscription of each sub-fund may be made in cash or through the contribution-in kind of real estate assets.

The Donatello Fund is composed of sub-funds which are differentiated by duration and investment policy:

1) Michelangelo Due: 10 years, mainly office;
2) Giacinto: 25 years, mainly retail, also development;
3) Tulipano: 10 years, various intended uses (maximum 50% residential), also development;
4) Margherita: 20 years, mainly non-residential, also development;
5) Puglia Due: 20 years, mainly non-residential;
6) Iris: 10 years, mainly retail, also development;
7) Puglia Uno: 15 years, various intended uses (maximum 50% residential), also development;


The Fund was set up with four sub-funds authorized by the Bank of Italy on April 6th 2007.
In 2008 the Tulipano, Giacinto, Margherita and Michelangelo Due (formerly Narciso) sub-funds became operative.

During 2008 an additional four sub-funds were established, Puglia Due, Iris, Puglia Uno with an overall equity equal to €400 million for which the authorization of the Bank of Italy was granted in March 2009.

In 2009 the Puglia Uno, Iris and Puglia Due sub-funds became operative.

Once again in 2012 the Fund with the Michelangelo Due Sub-Fund participated through the HTBF Fund (dollar) in the acquisition of the Fine Arts Building in Los Angeles. The building, also known as the “Global Marine House” was built in 1926 and represents a true and proper symbol of the city.

Finally, through the HTBF Fund (dollar), the Donatello Fund participated in the acquisition of the Clock Tower Building in Santa Monica in 2013. An icon of the city, the Art Decò building at 221-225 on the Santa Monica Boulevard was built in 1929 by Walker & Eisen, the architects of the Fine Arts Building in Los Angeles.



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