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Liquidated in 13.03.2013   

In 2006 Sorgente Group signed an agreement with one of the oldest and most prestigious hotel management companies, the Baglioni Group, which shared with it the idea of allocating all of its assets to the Fund. The Baglioni Group caters to the luxury hotel segment and the properties of the Baglioni chain are highly prestigious and located in principal urban locations for luxury tourism.


The closed-end real estate investment fund, denominated the Baglioni Fund, was established in 2006 with an investment policy focused on the hotel sector and subsequently commenced its operations on July 9th 2006 with a subscribed equity equivalent to 43.20 million Euros and an initial share value equivalent to 100.00,00 Euros. The duration of the Fund was initially established for thirty years.


The Baglioni Fund was liquidated on March 13th 2013, recording an overall increased value of each share equal to 60.53% and an annual Internal Rate of Return equivalent to 7.69% over a period of 6 years and a half from its vintage year.


The obtained economic results have been possible thanks to in investment policy focused on unique and highly prestigious objects, combining profiles of prudential conduct with a vision of innovation.


The Regina Baglioni in Rome, the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice and the Hotel Cala del Porto in Punta Ala (Tuscany) were amongst some of the most prestigious Italian hotel assets belonging to this Fund. The Fund portfolio was completed by the involvement of two hotels located in the Provence Region of France: Le Saint Paul at Saint Paul de Vence and the Royal Champagne at Champillon-Epernay.


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